Hi Everyone!

I'm just an ordinary guy, who get's to play with a camera for a job! I'm also a family man, married to my gorgeous highschool sweetheart and we have four amazing children! I've been in business for almost 14 years. One of many reasons I love wedding photography is because I get to be creative, and explore new ideas and lighting challenges. I also get to have a lot of fun with people I often just meet for the first time ever. I don't stress, and I'm not a monkey bouncing off the walls. I tend to blend into the background while I caputre beautiful moments of beautiful people. My passion for photography and emotion drives me, and I am blessed to have the opportunities to capture amazing people on their wedding day, and in amazing ways! There's honestly no better feeling then delivering a couple their wedding photos and seeing their faces light up with tears of joy and laughter when looking through their photos. I truly love what I do!