Show Me The Money...

I know I know, you were probably hoping to find my rates here. I'm sorry.

Before we start talking numbers, let's get to know each other a little first. I'd love to get to know your names, who you are, how you both met each other, who popped who the question and where. You see, I'm just not another photogapher, and you're not just another couple. It's important to me to understand what makes you guys click, and discovering that flame between the two of you which will allow me to know how to capture your best side.

The otherside of the coin is, n
ot every couple requires the same wedding package. During our initial meeting I'll be learning your needs and wants and this will help us determine the best package for you. Plus, you'd be surprised how much more economical this can end up being for you too!

As well, when you send me an email I'll make sure to include some sample galleries to give you an idea of what a full wedding looks like with me from beginning to end.