Is Cinema the right choice for you? In most cases, video in general is often the very last thing most brides and grooms think about, haha! The reality is, video is just as important as photography, and they are both the best investments you will make for your wedding. The best way to determine if video is the right fit for you is to ask yourself what life will be like in 25yrs+ and to think is this something you will wish you had. More times then not, I commonly hear, "I wish we got video" while we are at someones elses wedding. Unfoturnately, we haven't been successful with our time machine idea, so I ask you to think about it twice before making a decision. If you should decide to get video, you won't regret it! When you watch one of our videos, you'll see the level of detail, naturally candid moments, and emotion that is captured all in a single day.

MRP (The A-Team)
The thing to know about us is that we have some awesome personalities, and I'm completely unbias, haha ;-)

Our team is made up of a group of guys who are the bestest of friends. We love what we do, we have fun, and we fuel each other's creativity! We're a group of guys that also enjoy hanging out together outside of work, and you will most likely find us at a local pub talking about creative stuff, or eating a Pita, or drinking Starbucks, or Go Karting, or just trying to kill each other in a new sport we've recently discovered, Archery Dodgeball! It's a lot of fun, you definitely need to try it!!!!